Tips on Building a Great Study Room

It is important to get into good study habits, especially when going to high school or college, as this will really affect your ability to learn. Children should learn good study habits when they are young. These habits will then stick with them all the way up to their college years. Learning how to study is important, as is learning when to study, having your own particular place to study and especially for a child is important, because you can avoid disruptions and distractions. In order to do well in school and college, it is important that the child has their own study space that is arrange them in the most suitable way.

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Here are some tips on making a good study area:

You will want to use an area that is quiet in the evenings and doesn’t have a lot of people passing by. Sometimes it is hard to find in your home but you have to do your best. If necessary, section of a limit access to a certain part of the house or a quiet room if you don’t have much else available.

They should be good lighting, but you should now have a desk too close to the window, as the tendency will be to look out the window and get distracted especially for children who are not so focused on the work they need to do. It’s good to have a window but artificial light sources are best to light the desk area because if they are studying later when the sun has gone down or on a dull day they will find it hard to see what they are doing.

Use good equipment; you need a large desk with plenty of room on it, a comfortable chair and a bookcase which are textbooks on it. Don’t forget to have good writing materials. If there is Internet access which can be used to research make sure the children can’t do anything else online or they may end up playing games online instead of studying or just chatting with their friends online and obviously that is a very big cause of distraction.

Make sure they don’t have to bring a phone into the area where they are studying, and make sure they know that they do not have to answer the phone when they are studying. When I was younger and studying for university it was very clear that I did not have to answer the telephone or stop studying for other distractions.

Organise it in such a way that the children know that the study area is not for playing games or talking on the phone or surfing the Internet. There will be plenty of time figuring that later on when they finished their studies.

Everybody else in the house should be aware that this part of the house is for study only and it should be kept as a very quiet area and noise should be kept to a minimum. They should be very little of the traffic passing by and nobody should just drop in to spend time or to look for something just talk about, especially if your children have trouble concentrating as it is. You may want to add something to make it comfortable like a large pillow for them to lie on and relax when reading or even a beanbag.


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